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Pandora: Purge of Pride

Pandora: Purge of Pride is a first person puzzle game set in Victorian England based around the story of Pandora's Box. Playing as Pandora, you recapture the Seven Deadly Sins and gain powers to solve puzzles. Please follow Pandora on Twitter for more info.

Out now!

Pandora: Purge of Pride

Vertical Kitten Cover

Vertical Kitten

You and your friends play as a team of kittens piloting giant robot suits as you fight off alien forces in this over-the-top action game.

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Coming 2014

Game Jams and Experiments

Joan's Adventure of Magic

Joan of Arc was believed to have visions from God during her lifetime. You will seek God’s guidance as you make choices in preparation for the Battle of Orléans. However, God’s signs may not always be direct and clear (divine knowledge being the way it is) as to what choice may be most beneficial to you and your troops. Think creatively and sort out exactly what God may be pointing you towards.

Made for the Iamagamer Female Protagonist Game Jam.

Play for free at

Conway's Game of War

This game takes the classic computer science simulation, Conway’s Game of Life, and uses its algorithm as the basis for a simple competitive, chess-like strategy game. Players can either face off against an opponent or against themselves, moving and adding pieces in order to positively affect the growth algorithm each turn. Ultimately, the goal is to completely overtake the opposing side with your pieces.

Made for the Indie Game Collective jamBOX.

Source is available here for free.

NextGame Cover

Sines of The Father: Adventures in Triggernometry

Made as a solo experiment by one of our coders, you are a FATHER. You conform to TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES. You have a JOB with a nice PENSION. You must bring home the BACON. Your JOB is to fly around with SINE WAVE POWERS and shoot BADGUYS. The more BADGUYS you shoot the more BACON you get.

Play here.

Chainsaw Blood Things Cover

Chainsaw Blood Things

You are WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE. Except now you have a CHAINSAW. BADGUYS are trying to kill you and take your CHAINSAW. Apply CHAINSAW to BADGUYS! Warning: This game contains many red pixels. If you are offended by such sights, you don't have to play the game. Vampires/Wendigoes/Chupacabras: This game has been known to induce hunger. Bring a snack.

Play here.