Meet the Team

Ryan 'Social Media' Casey

Ryan Casey

President, Lead Designer & Co-Founder

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Ryan is the most beardy member of High Class Kitsch. He designs the games and works to get High Class Kitsch and their games out in front of gamers. Known for playing a bizarre assortment of music, constantly filming things, and button-up shirts.

Jill '.PSD' Sauer

Jill Sauer

Lead Artist & Co-Founder

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Jill is the guardian of the gate between the mythical realm of imagination and reality. Most of the time she is the resident lead artist for High Class Kitsch, providing the 2D and 3D art. She likes corgis, Deadpool, and drinking tea out of the skulls of her enemies.

Alex 'Boss Level' Thornton-Clark

Alex Thornton-Clark

Lead Coder & Co-Founder

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The Britishest member of the team, Alex likes to make things. Apparently this includes video games. Alex is primarily responsible for programming High Class Kitsch's games. May occasionally refer to himself as an "experience engineer", scare quotes included. Also likes monsters, Lovecraft, and tabletop roleplaying games.

Former Collaborators

Mike 'The Builder' Frankfort

Mike Frankfort

Engine Coder & Co-Founder

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